2.1 #FramedAtMidPoint – #HashtagsExplained


What’s that?
#FramedAtMidPoint ?

What the heck is that?
It’s this #PopUpShop that is about to happen in #Cincinnati.

When is it?
It’s during #MPMF

Well, what is that?

Ohhhh. Ok. So about that #PopUpShop . . .
Right. So, #FRCH is creating this awesome space in #OTR . You can get a photo of you from #MPMF.

Why is that so special? I mean, I can take a photo myself, and put it on #IG .
Yeah, but this is #different.

What makes it different?
You get a #print of your photo.

Any photo?
I don’t know. . . I mean, #eveyonestalkingaboutit . Just go.

Because you have been #FramedAtMidPoint !!!

COMING: 09.25.14

PS. 2.1 (Let’s keep this going!)


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