3.1 Communication

“An eye for an will leave everyone blind”


The hate has got to stop, you guys.

We are not yet blind, but we need to open our eyes. Prayers help an individual. I understand that. Please pray, if that’s what you do.

I think that the thing that is more important than prayer right now is communication. Communication means the sharing of information, news, ideas and feelings.  Communication also means listening to one another. Listen to your opposition. Try to empathize. That does not mean that you have to agree with them. But please, just take a moment to listen.

I know that we get passionate about our beliefs, our thoughts, our opinions. Passion is a good thing. When passion hits it’s peak, it is an amazing and sometimes terrifying thing to watch. Passion is what inspires people to get something done. It is what gives people purpose. No one expects you to lose your passion.

Compassion, while a similar word, means this: “concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others”.

Concern: To relate to or to worry.
Concern for others = Compassion.

Compassion is what will help us heal.

Without communication, compassion will exist only in small pockets.  That’s not enough.  We ALL need to listen, and we all have a need to feel as though we have been heard.  It’s human nature.  Communicating only after an event puts a band-aid on a bigger issue. A band-aid will not fix this, it’s too deep.  This needs to heal from the inside out. We need to communicate. And keep communicating.  But please, let me remind you that communicating does not mean: “this is my thought, and this why I’m right”. Communication is a conversation. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s hard.  You may learn something new and you may teach someone something new.    You will, however, exercise compassion in doing do.

Be Patient.

Be Present.

In an me-centric society, be someone with compassion.

A reaction to not only the events of today, and the last month, but all acts of hate we have had to endure as a society. In the United States. In Paris. In Brussels. In Turkey. In Miami. In the Middle East. In Europe. On this earth as a whole.

Please, take time to teach yourself to listen. To have compassion. To compromise. That should occupy enough time that you no longer have time for the hate.

  • – make today a better day – 
    – eap –

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